Project Spotlight : Faith in God Ministries

Faith in God Ministries



Client: Faith in God Ministries

Services Provided:

  • Logo design
  • Website header
  • Facebook cover image
  • Banner ad
  • Print ad
  • Bookmark

About Faith in God Ministries:

Faith in God Ministries was launched by Anita Cobbins, a preacher who is dedicated to reaching out to others about the power of faith and healing. After experiencing a near-tragic accident that left her partially paralyzed, Anita was inspired to share her own journey of faith in her book, Keep Turning the Pages, available to purchase online or in stores now.

I first met Anita at a job interview with a company where she works as the marketing manager. I did not get the position I interviewed for, but she thought of me when her church needed marketing materials for their Easter Sunday events. Later, she contacted me again when she was in need of materials for Faith in God Ministries.


Project Summary:

It has been a great pleasure working on this project! The logo design was the first project, of course. Many Christian-based ministry logos have a cross, footsteps, and rays of light – which I promised myself I would stay away from with the concepts I presented… I broke that promise. The concepts weren’t too bad, but Anita wanted me to dig deeper with my creativity. It was a challenge, but I finally got it. I thought the use of a shield to represent the strength and security that comes with having faith and a subtle silhouette of a praying person would get the message across. Fortunately, Anita thought so, too!

From there, we rolled through the rest of the projects, keeping the same primary color scheme as much as possible. I designed headers and cover images for social media. To help promote her ministry and book, Anita requested web and print ad designs and bookmarks that she can hand out at speaking engagements and book signings.

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