Collins Family Crest and Reunion 2015

Earlier this summer, my family (on my father’s side) had our bi-annual reunion in Kansas City. The Collins Family Reunion is always an event that I look forward to because the Collins know how to have fun – All. Weekend. Long! Activities included the meet & greet and banquet at the Embassy Suites near KCI Airport; bowling at Gladstone Bowl in Kansas City, MO; picnic at Holcom Park Recreation Center in Lawrence, KS; scavenger hunt at The Legends in Kansas City, KS; and Sunday worship services at Forest Grove Baptist Church in Kansas City, KS. (Whew!)

Each relative received a souvenir bag with nice keepsakes, a small “Share a Coke with the Collins Family” bottle and a T-shirt with the family’s crest (designed by yours truly) printed on the front.

Designing this crest was interesting and fun! While we have traced our family tree, there’s still a lot we have yet to learn about our roots. I had no idea where to start, so I began by searching popular heraldry symbols and  meanings and coat of arms meanings. It was definitely a challenge choosing which symbols best represent the Collins family as a whole. After presenting several concepts to the reunion committee, we decided to use black and gold colors with the following symbols and meanings:

  • Cross – Christianity, Faith
  • Medal – Military Honor, Power and Freedom
  • Anchor – Salvation and Hope
  • Sports – The Love and Involvement of Sports in the Family



Collins Family Crest & Reunion 2015
Collins Family Crest & Reunion 2015


If you are interested in a logo or crest design for your family, contact me today for an estimate.

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