2014: My Year in Review

happy-new-year-wallpapersThe past year had its ups and downs, probably like most of you (hopefully, yours was MUCH better). Personally, I really thought 2014 was going to be my breakout year. Finally, I was going to be the Superwoman I knew I could be! It didn’t exactly happen that way. I wasn’t even close, but I believe that I can still get there. Here are some of my most memorable moments of 2014:

My GREATEST moments of 2014:

• Celebrating Studio R Design’s 5-year anniversary!

• Seeing my father smile one last time before his passing.

• Reconnecting with relatives (under the circumstances of my father’s death).

• Gaining contract work with a real estate company – the opportunity pretty much fell in my lap. That’s NEVER happened to me before 🙂

• My new baby: MacBook Pro, affectionately called MacKeisha. Ha!

GOOD moments of 2014:  

• Macklin-Brown Reunion at SkyZone

• Attending my 15-year college reunion

• Finding new favorite TV shows, Gotham and Resurrection!

NOT-SO-GOOD moments of 2014:

• Those incredibly slow periods when no projects were coming in.

My FUNNIEST moment:

• When my 3-year-old niece moonwalked away from me while I answered a question she asked me.


• The time when a grasshopper jumped right towards my face as I was walking to my car. I dropped everything I was holding to swat it away, while doing the Crazy, Wild Lady Dance! I’m praying nobody got that on video.

My PROUDEST moment:

• Finding the courage to speak out against domestic violence and revealing my own story of being in an abusive relationship.

In Memoriam:

• My father. (I may write a post about his story at a later date.)

• My great-aunt

• The mother of one of my best friends.

What I’m looking forward to in 2015:

• Continually improving myself — spiritually, creatively, physically, mentally, financially.

• Gaining more projects and new clients

• My 20-year high school class reunion!

• Good times with family, friends (old + new)

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