A Season of Being Thankful

During the Thanksgiving holiday, it can be difficult to focus solely on what you are grateful for. My reasons include: the recent passing of my father, keeping up with design projects, completing my to-do list, conquering migraine headaches, economic & social issues in the US, etc. Some days, I want to just lie in bed and watch TV, play games on my cell, or just sleep all day long and pray that all my problems – and the world’s problems – would just disappear. You know what, though? Life goes on – no matter what – and you must find something that brings you joy, something that reminds you that life is beautiful. Therefore, on this day, I choose to think about the great things that God has blessed me with and what I am thankful for (in no particular order):

  • My artistic gifts and freelance graphic design career
  • Love and support from family, friends and acquaintances
  • Last moments with my father
  • My clients – former, current and soon-to-be
  • Hugs from my nieces and nephew
  • Reconnecting with long-lost relatives and friends
  • Kindness of strangers
  • Good health
  • Beautiful autumn trees
  • WordBrain
  • Spotify
  • “Gotham”

Last, but not least… cornbread dressing, which I will be tearing into later today! These are only a select few of the many things I am thankful for this season. If you’re not sure what to be thankful for, start by finding the blessings within and around you. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and be forever grateful for the blessings in your life!


photo credit: University of the Fraser Valley via photopin cc

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