20 Facts About Me


Sooooo… it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged about anything. I’d like to change that in the near future, whether I’m writing something about my personal life or professional life. Anyway, here goes… 20 Facts About Me!


1:  I was named after my mother (first name) and cousin (middle name).

2:  I’m a two-time spelling bee champion – 5th grade (Fairfax Elementary) and 8th grade (Eisenhower Middle School).

3:  My favorite season is Autumn: Hello sweaters, boots, fleece blankets, Thanksgiving and my birthday! 😆

4:  My siblings don’t believe me, but… I actually named my cat Raja Belle, not knowing that a pro basketball player had the same name.

5:  “Halloween” is the only scary movie I refuse to watch by myself.

6:  My favorite singing group is 112.

7:  I am an introvert.

8:  I like to doodle while talking on the phone. (It helps ease my phone anxiety!)

9:  I have a habit of thinking about conversations I’ve had with people, then saying out loud the things I should have said to them.

10:  I have no tattoos yet because I can’t decide what design/symbol/saying that I want to remain on my body forever.

11:  I love drawing and painting portraits. My plan is to get back into doing just that, along with my graphic design projects.

12:  I am quite fluent in Movie Quotes and Song Lyrics.

13:  Besides an artist, I wanted to be a teacher, model, or Miss America.

14:  I don’t eat bananas, but I LOVE banana bread.

15:  My favorite song to sing at karaoke is “Yoü and I” by Lady Gaga.

16:  I am certain that I am the most athletically-challenged person in my whole family.

17:  I’ve always wanted to try improvisational comedy.

18:  I have an online dream journal, The Dream Sector. (Haven’t posted anything in a while, though.)

19:  I absolutely cannot stand the sound of someone smacking their food or gum.

20:  Public speaking terrifies me, but it is a fear that I intend to conquer. The only time I wasn’t nervous was when I spoke at my grandfather’s funeral. He was my favorite guy! (RIP PawPaw)


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